Craps dice


You don’t have to roll the dice to play craps. If you don’t want to roll the dice and only want to bet on the other players, all you have to do is decline your turn and the “stickman” passes to the next player.

Description of the dice

The dice are plastic, red and green. At the start of a game of craps, the “stickman” offers six dice to the thrower from which the latter chooses two (one red and one green) that he will use thereafter.

The total of two opposite sides is always 7:

  •  1 and 6
  •  2 and 5
  •  3 and 4

Throw valid

The stickman, the croupiers and the boxman have a role of referee, they are the ones who decide when a throw should be replayed. It is in their best interests to be impartial as they are working for a tip boss188 free credit, and players who feel aggrieved will not leave a good tip.

A throw is valid when:

The player must roll the dice in the longitudinal direction of the table. The dice must bounce off the opposite wall and then come to rest flat on the mat (and not straddling a chip).

 A dice can land on another and the roll is valid (yes, it does happen)

A dice can hit another player or a dealer and roll it be valid, unless there is a delay that should not have been place before falling back on the table (in this case, the casino may think that a person may have exchanged a dice for a loaded dice).

Any invalid throw will be replayed. A throw is not valid when:

  •  one or both dice go out of the table
  •  one or both dice fall into the bank
  •  one or both dice fall into the stickman’s bowl
  •  a player plays with more than two dice
  •  one player throws on the wrong side of the table
  •  another player the thrower is rolling the dice
  •  the casino notices that loaded dice have been introduced into the game (very rare).

When are the dice changed?

The casino has the right to change the dice whenever it wants. But usually it happens when craps players start making a lot of money: the casino supervisors are just as superstitious as the players Usually, the new set of dice will be offered at the end of a game to the next thrower, and few players will notice that the dice have been changed.

Other times when the dice can be changed:

  • the casino thinks that the corners (always square!) Of the dice are damaged
  • when the dealers change at the casino table
  • at the request of a player, especially if it is a large player: of course the casino is not obliged to change the dice each time a player requests it.
  • one or more dice are lost when a player throws them outside the table (very rare)

The old dice are marked with a circle on the face of 4. You can detect new dice because they are “powdery” in appearance, as if they had been passed through talc, and their corners are sharp: they will bounce a lot.

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