Innovating salon hair care with healing sea botanicals, Aquage has single handedly redefined styling. Whether you are looking for ways to stop your hair from fighting against you, or wanting to showcase your best feature, Aquage has the solution. With so many choices like award winning shampoos and power infusions, choosing the right product for you can be daunting. Come in for a hair care consultation, and let us help you and your hair.

This line is a100% non-comedogenic, liquid and airbrush foundation that gives you amazing, long lasting coverage. It is gentle enough to wear all day without being irritating, and always gives our clients the most amazing results. We chose this ling specifically for its chemical makeup. Its silicone based, and the silicone molecule is smaller than the human pore, so it literally lies right on top of your skin without the ability to settle into fine lines or pores. Rest assured you will look amazing in person, as well as in photos.

A brand new color line, created with cutting edge technology, designed to improve hair texture and vibrancy with the first application. With 100% grey coverage in just under twenty minutes, and superior vibrancy, we know that you will love your look, guaranteed.