Veil Studio’s motto has always been two very simple words. Two words that we live by. Two words that we try to imprint on each of our clients as they walk through the door. Be Confident.

Do you know what’s great about Veil Studios? It is full of stylists whose outside beauty is second to that of their inner beauty. Everyone who is a part of Team Veil shares one very important thing: they love making others feel beautiful.  Self depreciation and low self esteem are our pet peeves – Because you ARE beautiful!

We do our best everyday to help each and every one of our clients feel their best when they walk out of our salon. We started thinking: How can we do this on a bigger, broader scale? How can we reach out to all the women of Hampton Roads? Then it came to us! The Style of Hampton Roads.

The first ever style, beauty and confidence expo will be hosted by yours truly, in partnership with Folk City Tattoo, on June 5th at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Everything you have ever questioned or considered as a woman, whether it be something you’ve read in a magazine, heard on the radio or seen on t.v will be displayed, openly, for you at this Expo. There will be vendors from every walk of Beauty Industry life – from hair and makeup to tanning and body shaping and everything inside and outside of that realm. This Expo is for every woman…the mom who wants to get herself back, the 20 something who always puts her best face forward, the matriarchs who want to reclaim some of their youth. This expo is meant to help you find the confidence you may have lost, build on the confidence you have and give you access to the array of beauty that surrounds you here in Hampton Roads.

In a nutshell, it encompasses style, beauty, and the pursuit of confidence. Simple words, and can mean different things to different people, but the fact is, we can all benefit from the power of self care. The Style of Hampton Roads was created to bridge the gap between businesses in the beauty and fashion industry, and locals who deserve to feel good about themselves.

The big day is coming together perfectly! We already have over a dozen vendors on board and we are excited to announce that Dustin Lewis  will be our event photographer! Annnnd…It wouldn’t be a party without a DJ and MC so,  who better than Roger of Astro DJ?!

Just to give you an idea of what’s on the agenda for the show, there will be fashion shows, a Man Bun & Beard contest, sexy drag queens, hair and makeup by the fabulous Veil girls and so much more!


We got the ball rolling with a sexy photo session with the one and only Kirstyn Marie Photography to really get us inspired and to give you all something fun to look at. Our “Confident betty” is our very own receptionist, Amber Dillon. What a babe!

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Yes, that was real champagne 🙂


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We are So in love with these photos…It doesn’t hurt that Amber is drop dead gorgeous and that Kirstyn is one of THE BEST photographers in the area. You can check out some more of her work by clicking here: Kirstyn Maire Photography






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Check out Dustin Lewis’ work by clicking here: Dustin Lewis Phtography

Take a peak into the awesome world of Astro DJ here: Astro DJ

And finally, the website for The Style of Hampton Roads: CLICK HERE


Please mark June 5th on your calendars! If you have questions about sponsorship or your business being a part of this expo, please call Liz or Anna at 757-965-7500.